Gunpowder and Graphite


Conditions on Lake Shaftsbury Tuesday, 4/14/20, were mostly overcast, cold and windy. The lake was recently stocked with 1 and 2 year old rainbows. There were several cars already there when I arrived around 6:30. I’d never fished this lake before so it took some exploring to get sorted. Having a boat helped me cover more water and avoid the other anglers. The first fish of the day came as a surprise…. Read More

I put in a few hours with the fly rod this morning on the Vermont side of the Battenkill. It’s no surprise that the water is still pretty chilly. The light frost over night had me putting on the knit hat and pocketing a pair of hand warmers before I left the house. We’ve had significant rain and there is still snow in the mountains, particularly the Taconics. I fished a section… Read More

Fall weather has arrived in Southern Vermont and with the change trout fishing should get exciting soon. The browns and brookies will be going into spawning mode soon if they haven’t already and that means some aggressive fish willing to hit big streamers. The temperature is dropping but unfortunately so is the water level. With these conditions the Manchester stretch of the Battenkill was a bit tough to fish. There was some… Read More