Gunpowder and Graphite


Conditions on Lake Shaftsbury Tuesday, 4/14/20, were mostly overcast, cold and windy. The lake was recently stocked with 1 and 2 year old rainbows. There were several cars already there when I arrived around 6:30. I’d never fished this lake before so it took some exploring to get sorted. Having a boat helped me cover more water and avoid the other anglers. The first fish of the day came as a surprise…. Read More

I had time to sneak in a quick couple hours in the late afternoon. I picked a spot I don’t normally fish, along the Wilmington Notch/Whiteface section of the river. Rather than drive further up Route 86 or even go as far as River Rd I stuck closer to Wilmington for the sake of getting in more time on the water.  I knew this stretch, with its boulder strewn course and fast… Read More

Everyone has a list of favorite flies. These are the patterns that produce consistently, are easy to tie (if applicable) and usually can be fished a number of ways. Each angler’s list is unique. Here are five of my top picks: Hare’s Ear Nymph: It’s no wonder this fly has been a standby for so many generations. Simply by varying the color one can catch fish on this pattern just about any time…. Read More