Gunpowder and Graphite


The weather forecast for Vermont’s 2018 opening day had been crumby a week in advance. Significant rain the night before and near freezing with opening day temperatures in the low 40s with more rain and maybe some snow. This was one occasion where the meteorologists were right on the mark. My hike up the mountain in the damp, misty dark was easy going in spite of all the mud. I pushed hard… Read More

I always try to make at least one trip to central New York for spring turkey. A two day weekend trip is usually best since hunting ends at noon. That way I get in two mornings for the same amount of travel time and fuel and I don’t have to get into the hassle of getting time off from work and figuring out child care plans. But sometimes I have other obligations… Read More

After my first two attempts to get out since opening day were thwarted, I finally managed to make it happen on the third try. Sunday, May 6th was not an ideal day to be out, but it wasn’t bad either. The temperature was 60 degrees when I left the car at 5am with the forecast calling for only a slight increase. Rain was all but guaranteed though it wasn’t likely to start… Read More