Gunpowder and Graphite


Many of us in these crazy times have been forced to take some extra time off. The fact that you’re reading this blog suggests you enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, so here are some things to keep you from going insane during this era of social distancing and self isolation. Most of these are things that you should be doing anyway, but we often put them off because life gets busy and, well,… Read More

I put in a few hours this morning, 6/2/18 on the New York section of the Battenkill. I parked at the large, well maintained pull off/rest stop along Route 313, a very short distance from the Vermont border. The water here is fairly deep and fast moving, making just about any fishing method viable. I didn’t have much luck with only one hook up. It was a small fish that took a… Read More

It is my sincere belief that, as a father, it is my responsibility to take my children fishing. When they are young. If I don’t, there is no telling what depraved pastimes of the modern era they may fall victim to. Like “play dates” or listening to pop music. Ella has already had an introduction to fishing, but this year, things are going to get serious. We had our first go at… Read More