Gunpowder and Graphite


So far 2017 deer season has been fairly uneventful. I hunted hard the first weekend of bow in New York and only saw 3 deer for 19 hours on stand. Later in October I hunted New York again and only saw two deer over the course of a full day. Oddly enough, I saw more deer in Vermont than New York during bow season, with at total of six. Regular season has… Read More

I left work in time Friday, October 13th to hit the woods for the last few hours of hunting light. The weather was pleasant, only a light breeze. I settled in to my tree stand, knocked an arrow and sat back for an uneventful sit. To my surprise, a tad before 6 I heard what sounded like a deer trotting along. Sure enough, 50 yards away three antlerless deer came into view…. Read More

We woke up to a snowy morning (Sunday 11/20) which, given yesterday’s high of 65 was a big change. Saturday morning was in the 30s and the deer were fairly active. By mid-day I think they had all headed for cover from the heat. I suspect today’s change in conditions would have gotten the deer moving. At the very least they would have been easier to track (and see!)  It’s easy to… Read More