Gunpowder and Graphite


At the start of August I spent a week on the coast in Downeast Maine, about an hour north of Bar Harbor. The fishing was a bit lackluster but clear skies and minimal wind helped make up for it. I caught several pollack, the small “harbor” fish that often stick to the bottom along much of Maine’s shoreline. The very first saltwater fish I ever caught was a pollack. That was 20… Read More

I came home from my August trip to Maine with some fresh mackerel for the freezer. I’ve been meaning to pull it out and do something with it for a few months now and finally got myself together to cook it. After pawing through the myriad offerings stowed in the depths of the upright I found a small bag with a pair of large fish and a pair of small. It seemed… Read More

Atlantic mackerel aren’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things. But for someone who only gets to fish for them once a year (sometimes less) it’s something to look forward to. This time the fish were fairly plentiful and they were running bigger than what I’m used to. Conditions the week of August 6th were good in Downeast Maine. Sunny skies, wind light to none. Overcast would arguably have been… Read More