Time is (finally) on My Side

Much of my adult life has spent coping with the fact that I never have enough time to do the things I want to do. With that in mind, the stay-at-home order here in Vermont is more of a blessing than a curse.

There are several spots I’ve been wanting to scout out for hunting in the Green Mountain National Forest for several years and now I finally have the time. I’ve primarily got turkeys on mind with opening day being May 1st, although the spot I recently checked out showed no sign of them and in spite of being out early in the morning I never heard a gobble. It does, however, look highly promising for grouse and snowshoe hare. Tracks were abundant in the thin but persisting snow. And there was another set of tracks made by an entirely different animal.

IMG_3032 (2)

A mid-April bear track. It’s not well-defined but you can just make out the spaces between the toes at top right. 

Vermont has a healthy bear population and I would love nothing more than to tag one come fall. I’ve dabbled in bear hunting before but, as was noted at the start of this writing, time as always been in short supply. Taking advantage of scouting opportunities like this, right now, allow for more productive hunting later. And later, there may not be as much time to work with.

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