The Battenkill is Cold, High

I put in a few hours with the fly rod this morning on the Vermont side of the Battenkill. It’s no surprise that the water is still pretty chilly. The light frost over night had me putting on the knit hat and pocketing a pair of hand warmers before I left the house. We’ve had significant rain and there is still snow in the mountains, particularly the Taconics. I fished a section with long, deep runs and pools, dragging nymphs along bottom. Unfortunately the banks are high and the bottom a very soft mud. It’s hard to get in and out and walking becomes a fight to free your boots from the viscous mud. Once you pick a spot, you have to commit for a time. I don’t mind fishing like that with warmer water or with warm waders but I had neither to work with.

After an hour or so on that stretch I hit up a spot I’m more familiar with where I’ve hooked into some browns up to 18″, albeit later in the season. The wading was easier but the fish still elusive. After a few hours of breaking off flies and tippet on bottom I called it a day. In the next week or so I think the fishing will improve as the water warms.

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