Projects for Coronavirus-Induced Free Time

Many of us in these crazy times have been forced to take some extra time off. The fact that you’re reading this blog suggests you enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, so here are some things to keep you from going insane during this era of social distancing and self isolation. Most of these are things that you should be doing anyway, but we often put them off because life gets busy and, well, they just aren’t always fun to do. But since you have the time, get to it.

  • Clean Those Guns Gun owners love to shoot. Cleaning guns, not so much. You’ve probably got at least one gun in need of cleaning right now. Hunting seasons are over or coming to an end so use your COVID-19 time to do some upkeep. Weather is warming up in most parts so open a window for ventilation and give your bores a dose of cleaning solvent and a taste of the bore brush. At the very least wipe down the exterior with oil.
  • Get Your Kit Sorted Fishing seasons are opening soon and, if you’re like me, you think you have all the flies, hooks, lures, etc. you need. But once you hit the water you realize you don’t. This is a perfect time to haul out your tackle bags and vests and sort through everything. Get rid of the things you never use and if you don’t have all you need you can still order online. It’ll be good for the economy.
  • Calling Turkey season will be here sooner than you think. Dig out your calls and make sure they are in working order. Sand them, chalk them and perform any other maintenance. And practice. Being able to make a passable yelp is one thing. Being able to make a convincing string of clucks and purrs is a bit different. If you’ve got time on your hands due to a “stay at home” order you should put in the time to master your favorite turkey call. Just be considerate of anyone else in your household. Most cohabitants will only tolerate short bursts of calling before instigating  mutiny.
  • Get Outside Preseason scouting or simply taking a walk in the woods doesn’t violate the rules of social distancing. Until a governing body mandates that you can’t leave your house, get outdoors and forget about all the madness of the world at present.

Make the most of your work/school shutdown and focus on some much-needed maintenance for your outdoor lifestyle. As we get into spring outdoor opportunities will expand. Even if there is a national lock down of one sort or another, you can get yourself and your gear prepped now to make the most of your time outdoors later.

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