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Monthly Archives: March 2020

Many of us in these crazy times have been forced to take some extra time off. The fact that you’re reading this blog suggests you enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, so here are some things to keep you from going insane during this era of social distancing and self isolation. Most of these are things that you should be doing anyway, but we often put them off because life gets busy and, well,… Read More

My first fly rod was an 8’6″ 6 weight. I did everything with that rod, from bass and lake-run rainbows to small stream trout and panfish. A few years later I added a 7’6″ 4 weight which quickly became my preferred rod for small streams. Even though it was a full flex rod it still had the backbone to handle nymph rigs and medium sized streamers. In the late 90’s the 4… Read More