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Monthly Archives: July 2019

Few flies have met with the success of the venerable clouser minnow. Initially tied in the late ’80s for Susquehanna smallmouth, it has become a staple for warmwater, saltwater and in smaller sizes even trout fisherman. The clouser minnow is simple to tie and can be dressed slim and sparse or big and bushy. I’m not going to go into detail about the tying process, there are already plenty of videos online… Read More

I had time to sneak in a quick couple hours in the late afternoon. I picked a spot I don’t normally fish, along the Wilmington Notch/Whiteface section of the river. Rather than drive further up Route 86 or even go as far as River Rd I stuck closer to Wilmington for the sake of getting in more time on the water.  I knew this stretch, with its boulder strewn course and fast… Read More