The Best Use For a Bowie Knife

There was a time when a large fixed blade knife was a key piece of outdoor gear. Something with a long, broad blade to tackle light brush clearing, quartering game, self defense and a host of other possible tasks. In other words, the quintessential Bowie knife. These days most of us carry a much smaller blade, usually around four inches long, sometimes fixed-blade, sometimes folding, used primarily for dressing out game. Some still need to break down large game in the field, and the old-fashioned big knives will certainly get the job done.

But there is another great use for that long, heavy blade when it’s not being used to quarter an elk or build a survival shelter:

IMG_2649 (2)

Nothing cleaves a pumpkin like a Bowie knife

Happy Thanksgiving from Gunpowder and Graphite!


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