Opening Weekend 2018, New York

Regular deer season began on November 17th and, in the part of Otsego County I was in, things were fairly quiet. I was settled in on my stand half an hour before legal shooting light and was pleasantly surprised to not hear a gunshot until 10 minutes before the official start time of sunrise.

I saw several deer, none of which I could have gotten a shot at. For the evening hunt I watched a pair of antlerless deer, likely a doe and fawn walk back and forth several times to and from a corn field. Sunday morning I switched to a nearby stand and only saw one deer. Turns out that stand was too far down the hill to see well and the other stand was too far up the hill to afford good visibility. On my way out of the woods I almost met with 11th hour success in the form a doe and fawn about 40 yards away. Both seemed oblivious to my presence and I could have shot the doe but for the trees that were always in the way no matter were she stopped. They moved off into a stand of tall goldenrod where I lost track of them. Oh well. There’s still several weeks left!

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