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Monthly Archives: November 2018

New York offers some great deer hunting, but that’s not what you’ll find in the Adirondacks. Unless your idea of great deer hunting is hundreds of thousands of acres with dense stands of spruce and fir, boggy terrain one minute and steep rocks the next. To be fair Adirondack deer are typically pretty darn big, but they are also few and far between. That’s what I was up against over the Thanksgiving… Read More

There was a time when a large fixed blade knife was a key piece of outdoor gear. Something with a long, broad blade to tackle light brush clearing, quartering game, self defense and a host of other possible tasks. In other words, the quintessential Bowie knife. These days most of us carry a much smaller blade, usually around four inches long, sometimes fixed-blade, sometimes folding, used primarily for dressing out game. Some… Read More

Regular deer season began on November 17th and, in the part of Otsego County I was in, things were fairly quiet. I was settled in on my stand half an hour before legal shooting light and was pleasantly surprised to not hear a gunshot until 10 minutes before the official start time of sunrise. I saw several deer, none of which I could have gotten a shot at. For the evening hunt… Read More