Call the Landowner

I recently made a phone call to a landowner who has in the past given me permission to hunt his property. This is a critical piece of hunting etiquette, especially here in the northeast where public hunting is sometimes limited. Sadly, many hunters neglect to check in annually with there hunting connections.

Contacting landowners shows that you care about their property and are willing to respect their wishes. Skipping the pre–hunt phone call, email, etc. is an alluring option, but it’s wrong.  Depending on the proximity of landowner to hunting property and the lay of the land you may be able to hunt without ever getting noticed. But what happens if you do get noticed? Property owners like to know who may be on their land and they don’t like being disrespected by people assuming that it’s okay to hunt. A simple phone call takes care of this, and, in the event that hunting permission is rescinded, that’s okay. If you skip the call, you’d still be hunting without permission, which is never a good thing.

When you make your call, be sure to ask if there are any stipulations. Landowners appreciate the courtesy and sometimes like to establish off limits spots or designate parking areas. Offer to help out with property maintenance. Posting boundaries, fixing fences, clearing access trails and similar chores are often appreciated.

Taking the time to contact landowners and confirming that you still have permission to hunt goes a long way to maintain good relations. Hunting seasons are opening across the country so if you haven’t made the call yet, be sure to do it soon.

2 Comments on “Call the Landowner

  1. It also gives you an opportunity to find out who else has permission to hunt the property and when, safety first!


  2. A small gift to the land owner, even if only some home baked cookies, at the end of the hunting season is always a nice gesture and will be most appreciated as well as helping to assure future hunting

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