Three Everyday Items That You Need For the Outdoors

Big ticket, expensive gear gets a lot of copy space but there are lots of little items that are simple, effective and make a big difference in how you hunt. Here are three things that I always have with me in one form or another:

  • Zip Top Bags These are cheap, readily available and come in a number of sizes. They keep the contents dry and are flexible enough to get stuffed in a pocket. I have used them to store cameras, extra batteries and butane lighters. Small sizes are great for storing hunting license and carcass tags (especially when these are simply paper!) along with a pen. Along with those items you can add something to attach your carcass tags, which brings us to the next item.
  • Rubber Bands These little devices are so versatile I can’t imagine getting along without them. They are great for attaching carcass tags, securing game calls while moving, bundling rifle cartridges so they don’t clink in your pocket and countless other applications. There isn’t much the right rubber band can’t do.
  • Trash Bags kitchen sized bags work great for keeping things dry, and not just by locking moisture out. When carrying out heart, liver, etc. from a deer I always put them in a trash bag, then in my pack. Trash bags are more durable than plastic grocery bags, which often have holes in them before you even get them afield. The large size also accommodates clothing. Having a dry outer layer to put on can make a big difference. Trash bags are great for sitting on. That thin layer of plastic works miracles to keep your backside dry when the ground or your tree stand seat isn’t.

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