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Monthly Archives: September 2018

I recently made a phone call to a landowner who has in the past given me permission to hunt his property. This is a critical piece of hunting etiquette, especially here in the northeast where public hunting is sometimes limited. Sadly, many hunters neglect to check in annually with there hunting connections. Contacting landowners shows that you care about their property and are willing to respect their wishes. Skipping the pre–hunt phone… Read More

Big ticket, expensive gear gets a lot of copy space but there are lots of little items that are simple, effective and make a big difference in how you hunt. Here are three things that I always have with me in one form or another: Zip Top BagsĀ These are cheap, readily available and come in a number of sizes. They keep the contents dry and are flexible enough to get stuffed in… Read More

September 1st marks Vermont’s opening day of hunting for two animals at different ends of the size spectrum. On the large end is black bear and on the diminutive, gray squirrel. Normally I’d forego squirrels (as much as I love hunting and eating them, I find them fairly miserable to process) in favor of bear. Yes, getting a bear out of the woods is a far greater chore than cleaning squirrels, but… Read More