Fishing the Battenkill, NY

battenkillny 004

The Battenkill, at the rest stop along Route 313 in New York.

I put in a few hours this morning, 6/2/18 on the New York section of the Battenkill. I parked at the large, well maintained pull off/rest stop along Route 313, a very short distance from the Vermont border. The water here is fairly deep and fast moving, making just about any fishing method viable. I didn’t have much luck with only one hook up. It was a small fish that took a large wool sculpin fly fished on a sinking line. As for hatches, small yellow caddis flies were sporadic but present. If there were fish rising, I never saw them. Skies were overcast but temperatures were pleasant and I encountered only one other person, making for an enjoyable morning.

battenkillny 005

The sign viewed heading East on Route 313 as one approaches the Vermont boarder.

This spot marks the boundary between the special regulations section in New York  and the Vermont regulations section, with the official boundary just upstream from the parking lot. In the “Special Trout Fishing Area” in New York, fishing is permitted all year, artificials only and catch and release only. It’s some great water, but if you are going to fish it pay close attention to which state you are in or buy a license for both New York and Vermont.

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