Turkey Season: Opening Weekend

After my first two attempts to get out since opening day were thwarted, I finally managed to make it happen on the third try. Sunday, May 6th was not an ideal day to be out, but it wasn’t bad either. The temperature was 60 degrees when I left the car at 5am with the forecast calling for only a slight increase. Rain was all but guaranteed though it wasn’t likely to start until later in the day. There was a bit of wind, but not enough to put the turkeys off. With significant cloud cover the woods stayed dark a little longer than usual but the lack of foliage helped mitigate this. There was so little green that if it weren’t for the abundance of birds singing, one could easily think it was opening weekend of deer season.

turkeyhunt 003

This is about as flat as it gets in Vermont’s mountains. A little more green would be nice.

Due to limited time I only put in two hours. I didn’t hear any turkeys, nor did I see any. This isn’t too surprising given the low population density of the mountains. The best strategy in this terrain is to cover a lot of ground but, as previously noted, my time was limited. No matter, I’ve still got the rest of the month. Hopefully some green will fill in in the next week!

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