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Monthly Archives: April 2018

The water on the Battenkill is very high, which is no surprise given the rain. Fishing along River Rd through Route 7A in Sunderland and Arlington would be difficult with a spinning rod and nearly impossible with a fly rod. Water depth in these locations¬† makes wading pretty dangerous. After checking out a few spots I headed upstream to Union St. where the water was more manageable. Depth wasn’t a problem but… Read More

I’ve got some big sugar maples in my yard, just standing there doing nothing. This past February I decided to tap a few and cook down some syrup. I’d never done this before and have no means of boiling sap outside. Everyone said it was a really bad idea to try it indoors on a kitchen stove. They were wrong. I can understand the concern. A large kettle boiling away for several… Read More

It’s hard to believe that trout season on the streams of New York and Vermont is now open. I’ve fished through freezing temperatures and the occasional snow storm in April before, but never in the middle of the month. I don’t doubt those going after lake run fish will do well, but resident trout populations typically aren’t very active in water this cold. The increased precipitation has also lead to high water… Read More