A Slow Season

So far 2017 deer season has been fairly uneventful. I hunted hard the first weekend of bow in New York and only saw 3 deer for 19 hours on stand. Later in October I hunted New York again and only saw two deer over the course of a full day. Oddly enough, I saw more deer in Vermont than New York during bow season, with at total of six.
Regular season has likewise been slow. I never saw a deer in Vermont, save for a few in the backs of pickups. Opening day of New York proved quiet all around. Usually opening morning sounds like the Battle of Fallujah but this year things were oddly quiet. I only heard a handful of shots. I saw a total of two deer. I jumped a small one while still hunting and filled a tag with what I thought was an average size doe but turned out to be a button buck. I put in a short hunt the Saturday after Thanksgiving and saw nothing.
I took 29 pounds of meat off the button buck, so if nothing else I’ve got meat in the freezer. And I still have a week of Vermont muzzle loader and the balance of New York’s regular season as well as muzzle loader. That should be enough opportunity to fill at least one more tag. But given how everyone’s season seems to have been so far, I’m not sure I can work up much optimism.

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