A Long Overdue Decision

There were a number of reasons why I did not do this sooner, including but not limited to money, work schedule and family events, but I finally decided that 2016 was going to be the year: I just applied for my Vermont Regular season Moose tag.
According to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department’s Moose Management Plan, the state’s first modern moose hunt took place in 1993 and comprised a single Wildlife Management Unit, E. 30 tags were issued and 25 were filled. For 2016, there are 135 tags for the Regular Season with an additional 25 for the Archery Season. 90 of the Regular Season tags are bull-only with the remaining 45 being either-sex. Multiple WMUs are open for both seasons.
I know my chances of drawing a tag are slim, and there are countless arrangements to make and details to tend to, should I be so lucky. The prospect is both exciting and overwhelming. The drawing isn’t for a few months and the season doesn’t start until October 15th, but still, it’s easy to get caught up in thinking about it. For those who haven’t applied, there is still time to apply and for those who have, good luck!

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