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Monthly Archives: February 2016

If you spend much time in gun shops, tackle shops, Walmart, Dick’s, or any similar places that sell hunting and fishing gear, it used to be standard to see stacks of hunting and fishing regulations. Racks of print copies are becoming less common with the advent of electronic copies and mobile devices. The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department has embraced this new trend with their Online Fishing Regulations Tool Many regulatory agencies… Read More

     I know I am not the first person to gripe about this, and I hope I’m not the last. When scanning the ammo shelf in big box stores like Dick’s and WalMart it becomes apparent that “magnumitis”, the trend among hunters to obsess over using magnum cartridges, is a full-blown epidemic that shows no signs of abating. Magnum rifles in the .27, .28 and .30 caliber range are becoming very common,… Read More