Otter Valley Supply

     I recently went somewhat out of my way to stop at Otter Valley Supply in Rutland, Vermont. A while back, I had been told by the proprietor of another gun shop that they sold reloading components. I ended up not getting over there at that time, but last month a sales associate at the Dick’s in Rutland told me the same thing. So I made a point of stopping by to pick up primers. I walked in the door and made an inquiry of the gentleman behind the counter. Turns out, they do not carry reloading supplies. I got the impression they did at one point, but the high demand and low supply led them to abandon this product category.
     I arrived just before closing time at 5, so I didn’t have much time to look around, but it seems like a reasonably well-outfitted establishment. I was able to find the particular ammo I was looking for, after visits at three other establishments proved fruitless. Curiously, they are also a feed and farm supply store. If you are in the area, or coming up empty looking for a particular product, stop by. Their address is 2 Ripley road, just off of Business Route 4, by the Mobil gas station.

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