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Monthly Archives: August 2015

     I always knew I would upgrade the sights on my Marlin 1895. Several of my friends and hunting associates considered it a no-brainer to top it with a scope. But there is something about a lever action rifle, especially a tube-fed one, with a scope that just doesn’t seem right. I wanted something more traditional.     A peep sight was just the thing to wring out some extra accuracy from my gun… Read More

     Beginning several years ago, interest in hunting with crossbows was on the rise. There has been more than a bit of controversy surrounding their use as more states allow more opportunities to hunt with them.     Among the debate there are general points of agreement. Few people seem to mind crossbow use during a firearms season. Even the most impressive crossbow can’t compete with the range and accuracy of rifle, shotgun… Read More

   I recently spent a long weekend on Sugar Lake in Seguin, Ontario. It’s a water body of modest size with a maximum depth around 60ft. Several internet searches made in preparation yielded practically no information, so I was left to rely on the friends I was staying with for information. Happily, I was not disappointed. What seems to be typical conditions on Sugar Lake, Ontario      After an early morning excursion… Read More