Fishing Report- Battenkill, 7/11/2015

     Fished along River Road in Sunderland for a few hours in the morning. Water level was good, especially for July, with excellent clarity. My best estimate for water temperature is mid-to high 60s but that is really just a guess. I had never fished this stretch of water before, and was surprised by the mix of slow, deep pools and faster runs and riffles. The river bed varied as well, ranging from gravel and cobbles to silty and muddy. I had intended to fish upstream of the River Road bridge, but the water was a little too deep for me to attempt to venture in that direction. It looked like a great place to chuck a streamer off a sinking line, but due to the current flowing toward me I settled for several dozen casts with dry flies before turning my attention downstream.
     I saw a few rises, but very little hatch activity. I offered a range of flies, including drys, nymphs, and streamers, but could not stimulate any interest. There was, however, no lack of bird activity. Lots of Flycatchers and Kingfishers, so many at times that casting seemed a bit risky!

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