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Monthly Archives: July 2015

     I put in almost four hours this morning. The water level is definitely low, but the temperature seemed ok for this time of year. After trying some different tackle rigs the winning combination seemed to be a leader 10-12ft. long with a size 18 griffith’s gnat. I had a few strikes, missed some, hooked into two fish but only landed one. The nymph rig and streamers off a sink-tip line didn’t… Read More

     I finally made a long-overdue trip to the Mettawee, a stream I haven’t fished in three or four years. I parked at the Fish and Wildlife access site and fished both up and down stream from there. I forgot how much it reminds me of the small streams I grew up with. I thought the overnight rain and overcast sky would make for a productive day, but I was wrong. Not… Read More

     When Vermont banned felt-soled wading boots in 2011, I was left in a bit of a bind. I had a perfectly good pair of boot-foot waders that was only two years old, and really didn’t want to remove the felt, especially since I could still use them in New York. I realize that the whole point of the ban was to curb the spread of water-born diseases and invasive species, but… Read More