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Monthly Archives: April 2015

    The water is certainly running high and moving fairly fast. I checked out the section that flows under Richville Road and thought better of fishing it. I only had the fly rod, and the water was so high up the bank I didn’t feel comfortable trying. One slip and I would be in over my head in water that is none too warm. I fished for about an hour by Union… Read More

     What Trout Want, by Bob Wyatt, is a long-overdue tome, taking to task many long-cherished notions about trout fishing. Wyatt doesn’t tiptoe around his complaint with fly fishing theory: the idea of trout selectivity is wrong. Trout simply do not have the mental faculties to scrutinize and remember every potential food item that comes floating down stream. Even if they could remember, given the shear volume of different patterns and all… Read More