Ice Fishing Report, 1/24/15, Bullhead Pond

     After a two year hiatus from hitting the hard water I finally got out on the ice today. I picked up minnows at the reel angler and a few hours later headed out. I was a bit surprised that there was no one else at Bullhead Pond on a Saturday morning, but the snowing conditions may have put some folks off. I had my first hole drilled around 9:20. After getting my tip-ups rigged with fatheads about a foot off bottom I settled in to do some jigging with a fathead-tipped Lindy Foo Flyer. About every half hour I drilled a new hole and relocated either a tip-up or myself to cover some more water. Around 11:10 I thought I felt a solid hit, but my minnow didn’t look any worse for the wear. That was the extent of my success.
     The weather was pleasant overall. It snowed nearly the whole time but never hard and for a moment I could see the sun, hid behind a snowy haze. I’m not sure what the air temperature was, but my guess is low 30s. About two and a half hours into it and seven holes later I called it a day. One thing to keep in mind if you head to Bullhead: bring a bucket of sand. The parking area is on a slight incline and it was pretty much solid ice under and inch of snow. I didn’t need four-wheel drive to get out, but I can see things getting awful slippery under the right conditions. Good luck!

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