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Monthly Archives: January 2015

     Last February I decided to treat myself to a new gun. After considering all the possibilities and weighing the pros and cons I settled on another center fire rifle. I wanted something significantly different from the bolt-action 30-06 I already own. A Marlin 1895 is what I decided on.     I’d always wanted a lever action rifle. A Browning BLR chambered in .358 has always been on my list. My… Read More

     After a two year hiatus from hitting the hard water I finally got out on the ice today. I picked up minnows at the reel angler and a few hours later headed out. I was a bit surprised that there was no one else at Bullhead Pond on a Saturday morning, but the snowing conditions may have put some folks off. I had my first hole drilled around 9:20. After getting… Read More