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Monthly Archives: November 2014

     It was a nice change from the past few years to have some cold weather for opening day. It was nice to know that I wouldn’t have to make a trip to town to buy ice, should I get a deer, but it wasn’t so cold that sitting on stand was unpleasant. Lots of shooting around sunrise and over the next hour or so, but I wasn’t one of them…. Read More

     Right now I am coming down the home stretch of packing for a brief weekend hunting trip. I have all my gear squared away, my bow is shooting well and I have neglected nothing. As I go through the rituals of laying out my clothing and equipment, I am excited. Things have gone well this bow season. I have had new territory opened up for me to hunt, I have… Read More

     I hunted New York’s opening weekend, which did not result in a deer on the ground, but many deer sighted. I got a stand hung on a Vermont property, albeit after the season had started. This, combined with unexpected personal affairs, delayed my hunting until early the week of the 19th. Not surprisingly, these outings were pretty quite; due to time constraints I had not had much opportunity to scout… Read More