Battenkill, 6/21/14

     I spent a few hours on the Battenkill, in Arlington (VT). I was on the water at 7:15 and was done around 9:45. The water level was good, about what I usually expect for late June. The abundant foliage added some casting challenges that were absent earlier in the month. I tried streamers in the deep sections and nymphs and dries in the runs. My only fish was a 7″ brookie, on a flashabou nymph.

The Battenkill, in Arlington. The water was clear and slightly lower than earlier in the month. 

     I was surprised by the total lack of rises. The usual problem is an abundance of rises but an unwillingness of the fish to take a dry fly. Due to this lack of top water activity I didn’t dedicate much time to dries and only tried a size 12 goddard caddis. I know the conventional wisdom on the Battenkill is to precisely match the hatch. As interesting as I find entomology, I have never been very good at determining what is coming off the water. I usually take a look at the insects in the air and on the brush and try to match their color and size. But when there is no hatch I often end up taking a best guess. This time it didn’t pay off. No matter, there’s always next time.


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