Adirondack Fishing, 6/15-6/17, 2014

The stream fishing was ok, with water levels a bit high from significant rain. On Friday morning the East and West Branches of the Ausable were flowing fast and high, as was the Saranac and all associated rivers and streams. By Sunday (the 15th) conditions were fishable, but not great. The Saranac was higher than usual, making wading on this already challenging river even tougher than usual. The saving grace on the Saranac, however, is water clarity. It never seems to turn muddy like nearby rivers. Just the same, the fishing was not too good, in spite of my hooking a nice trout on the first drift with a fly. After a few minutes it ran for the fast water and broke off at the surface, giving me a good look at a fish in the 13″-15″ range. Bait proved frustrating due to chubs and tiny small mouth.
The lake fishing was underwhelming, although my brother did catch a pike around 24″ on a very small little cleo. I’ve seen pike hit some unusual rigs, but I don’t think I have ever seen one that size take a lure that small. They truly will eat anything. Aside from this fish, we had no success at all with lake fishing.

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I spent about 3. 5 hours on the West Branch Ausable one morning and got skunked altogether in my usual no-fail spot. A second location that has proved productive for my sinking line and streamer method gave up a few browns in the 9″-11″ range, but nothing more. The most noteworthy point of the morning was the quantity and ferocity of the black flies, which did not begin there morning feast until around 8:30. For reasons few people (myself included) understand, black fly bites don’t seem to bother me. That’s not to say I didn’t get bit all to hell; I did. My face, wrists, and especially the back of my neck came away looking like I had a horrible disease. My shirt collar was dyed red with blood, and later, upon changing my clothes I had a band of dead black flies and blood specks inside my T-shirt, at the bottom where it was tucked in to my pants. I guess when I’m having fun, I just don’t give a damn about the bugs.

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