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Monthly Archives: June 2014

     I spent a few hours on the Battenkill, in Arlington (VT). I was on the water at 7:15 and was done around 9:45. The water level was good, about what I usually expect for late June. The abundant foliage added some casting challenges that were absent earlier in the month. I tried streamers in the deep sections and nymphs and dries in the runs. My only fish was a 7″… Read More

The stream fishing was ok, with water levels a bit high from significant rain. On Friday morning the East and West Branches of the Ausable were flowing fast and high, as was the Saranac and all associated rivers and streams. By Sunday (the 15th) conditions were fishable, but not great. The Saranac was higher than usual, making wading on this already challenging river even tougher than usual. The saving grace on the… Read More