Fishing Report: Battenkill, 4/21/2014

     Fished the section along River Rd. in Arlington. I didn’t get on the stream until about 10:30, partly by design on account of the cold air temperature and partly due to not having a fishing license. Reel Angler did not open until 10.
     The water was high but certainly fishable. It is still very cold, as I found out when I dropped my hemostats in the water and had to reach in up to my shoulder to get them. It took some effort to get a nymph rig set up to reach bottom, but after making several adjustments I was occasionally snagging bottom which is certainly a good indicator. I didn’t catch anything, and did not have any noticeable strikes. I’m not too surprised given the cold water. The fact that we have had some nice days makes it easy to forget that it is still early in the season. I tried several nymph patterns, including pheasant tail and some caddis larvae. I also tried zonkers and some sculpin patterns on a sinking line. There was noticeable caddis hatch activity but nothing heavy. The water was crystal clear and a modest, infrequent breeze put some ripple on the water which made role casting a bit difficult. If we don’t get any rain over the next few days and it continues to be warm and sunny, conditions should improve noticeably by the weekend. Good luck!

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