Gunpowder and Graphite

Monthly Archives: April 2014

     If you’re anything like most folks you rarely take the time to pattern your shotgun. I suppose you can get away with this for squirrel and even upland game hunting, but for turkeys it is a mistake. The old standby is 30 yards. If the birds are that close, go ahead and shoot. My experience backs this up, but there is a whole lot to be learned from taking the… Read More

Spent a cold couple of hours on the Battenkill in Arlington this morning. The water level was pretty good. It is still high, about the same as a week ago in spite of last night’s rain. It is still quite cold and if you don’t have insulated waders you’d do well to dress in layers. The overcast conditions and damp air didn’t help my comfort level at all. Not much insect activity,… Read More

     Fished the section along River Rd. in Arlington. I didn’t get on the stream until about 10:30, partly by design on account of the cold air temperature and partly due to not having a fishing license. Reel Angler did not open until 10.     The water was high but certainly fishable. It is still very cold, as I found out when I dropped my hemostats in the water and had… Read More