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Monthly Archives: March 2014

A Hunter’s Heart: Honest Essays on Bloodsport is a compilation of essays edited by David Petersen. The contributors, including many well-known outdoor enthusiasts including Terry Tempest Williams, Jimmy Carter and Thomas McIntyre, write about hunting from a variety of angles, which reflects their diverse backgrounds. I first discovered this book while in high school and found it quite striking in it’s eloquence and honesty. My home town listed heavily toward anti-hunting and… Read More

     I was very glad to have attended a presentation at American Museum of Fly Fishing, by Ken Cox of the Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife, regarding the effects of tropical storm Irene on Vermont’s trout streams. Ken had given a related lecture at the Museum in 2011, very shortly after the flood waters had retreated. His recent presentation recapped much of that information and added new insight into the future… Read More

     When I got my first gun, a Marlin .22, one of the first things I did was buy a cleaning kit. It came with a set of jags, powder solvent, lubricating oil, patches, and a three-piece cleaning rod. I was diligent about cleaning that gun every 500 rounds or so and that rod got a lot of use. After adding a center fire to my collection it was still the only… Read More