Gunpowder and Graphite

Monthly Archives: January 2014

     I know many people who love ice fishing. As soon as deer season ends they instantly shift their attention to tip-ups and ice augers. My first experience with ice fishing wasn’t until I was in my 20’s. It was exciting to be trying something different and having another excuse to get outdoors in the dead of winter to do something I love. I’m not certain about the particulars but I am… Read More

     Firearms have been host to numerous gimmicks over the years, including guns that use case-less ammunition and “electronic rifles” that detonate the cartridge’s powder charge with an electrical charge instead of a conventional primer. Most of these ideas, including the two mentioned, have never gotten far in spite of several attempts. But there is a new technology, an integrated rifle and sighting system, that may prove to be a success.     … Read More