Gunpowder and Graphite

Monthly Archives: November 2013

     I’ve been meaning to get a post up regarding New York State’s Regular Season opener, Saturday November 16th, so here it is.      I was in my blind about 30 minutes before sunrise and sat until 9 without seeing anything. The predicted high for the day was in the upper 50s so I took a break and switched out some of my cold weather gear for lighter clothing and was heading for… Read More

     Each fall my brother goes on a bird hunting trip to Maine. In the past he has traveled through Massachusetts since I-95 provides the fastest, shortest route there from his home in central New York. With Massachusetts gun laws becoming ever-more strict he has consulted with several knowledgeable persons regarding this matter. In years past he has been told that, as a non-resident traveling through the state, he needs to keep his… Read More