2013 Fishing Season Wrap Up

     With September rapidly approaching I have started to switch gears from fishing to hunting. Normally I make an effort to put in some fishing time in September, be it trout, salmon, pike or panfish. Who knows, maybe I still will. But after the rotten luck I had this year I haven’t got much enthusiasm.
      From May to August I caught one trout. That’s it. To be fair I did not get out as much as usual but I certainly put in enough time on the water to have accounted for greater success. I fished mostly the Battenkill in Vermont and the West Branch Ausable in New York with a pond here and there and one or two brief outings on other streams. I hooked only two or three and had maybe five strikes total. I had no success whatsoever with cool-water fishing. Not so much as a bluegill.
      Among the fisherman I talked to most had a similar story. Some had fished almost every day and only caught a few trout. I know of at least one significant stream trout caught on Vermont’s opening day. But only one. I’m not necessarily suggesting the season was universally bad, only that it demanded a level of adaptation that many were not able to meet. In this part of the country we had constantly changing spring weather, swinging from strings of 90 degree days with clear skies to periods of rain all day with highs around 60. As for the summer I don’t recall any extended periods of real summer weather. There were plenty of days in the 80s and we had some stretches without rain but none of it was on a prolonged basis. There have been years past were fishing has been adversely effected by sustained periods of unseasonable weather and I suspect this was the case this year.
     But at least there is hunting to look forward to. Squirrel and goose seasons will be opening in September and I am quite ready to put this year’s fishing behind me and focus on what I hope will prove to be more fruitful time afield. Good luck to all!

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