Battenkill 6/15/13

     Although it didn’t rain this morning the water was still high from rain all week. Clarity was good with the water slightly stained. I only brought a fly rod but quickly wished I had packed a spinning rod. If you’re too uptight to try the Battenkill with anything but a fly rod go fish someplace else. There’s a lot of deep water with brush all along the banks which makes casting a fly rod (or even roll casting) mostly impossible. Current was not much of an issue but there are spots that can be dangerously swift when the water gets high.
     I’m not sure what the water  temperature was but it felt cold; after wading for 30 to 45 minutes it felt good to get out, walk and warm up. Air temp. in the 50’s. I didn’t have any luck on streamers or nymphs. Didn’t see anyone out fishing but that isn’t too unusual, at least not early in the morning. One or two caddis flies were seen but no significant hatch activity and no rises. Should be a good day for fishing with no precipitation and plenty of sun with temps in the 70s. Once things warm up the fish should turn on. Enjoy!

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