Gunpowder and Graphite

Monthly Archives: June 2013

     Bow hunters are often faced with a dilemma. Many states stipulate that while out hunting the only implement they are legally allowed to carry is their bow. They cannot carry a handgun of any kind, including such anemic pistols as snubbed-nosed .22s or similar semi-autos. This becomes an issue for hunters who want to have some means of quickly killing mortally wounded, immobilized game and especially for hunters who want to… Read More

     Although it didn’t rain this morning the water was still high from rain all week. Clarity was good with the water slightly stained. I only brought a fly rod but quickly wished I had packed a spinning rod. If you’re too uptight to try the Battenkill with anything but a fly rod go fish someplace else. There’s a lot of deep water with brush all along the banks which makes casting a… Read More

     Everyone knows what haggis is, right? It’s chopped up cow and sheep bits stuffed in a stomach. Well, no. Not exactly. Haggis is made from lungs, liver and heart from a cow or sheep. These components are cooked, minced or ground, blended with spices, fat and toasted oats, then stuffed into a stomach or ox runners and sealed, then boiled or baked. At this point I need to clarify: I am not… Read More