Turkey Hunting Update

     I spent opening weekend of New York’s turkey season in Cayuga County. It was not a bad weekend weather-wise. Morning temperatures were in the low 50s and by 8am had warmed into the 60s which made for very comfortable conditions. The lack of rain was something of a blessing although I have always found that a light to moderate rain can have a very positive effect on turkey activity.
     I was hunting with my brother with plan being that he was to get shot priority. He has never done much turkey hunting and I wanted to help him get his first bird. We set up in a patch of relatively open woods bordering some brush and a deep, broad ravine. This is not my idea of an ideal turkey setup but it was the space we had to work with. I called infrequently on Saturday morning but had no luck. Sunday morning I tried calling more aggressively but still could not get a bird to answer or come in. We had set up a pair of decoys both mornings in a fairly prominent location but to no avail.
     Reports from other hunters in the area suggested that not a lot of folks were out Saturday morning. A modest number of birds were heard calling and a few were seen but not many were shot. Over the course of the day we did a fair bit of driving for various reasons and only saw one hen.
     I was disappointed at the prevalence of road hunters in this area. According to several hunting acquaintances this practice is often encountered during spring turkey season and is even worse during deer season. I understand everyone has their preferred hunting methods and that’s a fine thing so long as it doesn’t potentially involve trespassing or shooting game another hunter is honestly hunting. In the case of turkey hunting I have an especially hard time understanding it since turkeys are so wary in the first place. It just doesn’t seem like it could work very well.
     In spite of this mar on the weekend I still had a great time. It was nice to get to hunt a region I don’t normally spend much time in. And it was great to be out with my brother. We did a lot of hunting together when we were kids and during our college years but over time we have moved apart geographically and started families which makes meeting up to hunt and fish tough. But since we didn’t have any luck I suppose we have the perfect excuse to get together for another hunt.

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