Turkey Eggs Part II

     For my first experience with turkey eggs I opted to keep it simple and scramble them. Getting the things open was a bit of a challenge. The shell is about the same thickness as a chicken egg and cracks easily. But the membrane underneath is quite a bit tougher. I had to dig my thumbs in and push hard to break it. Once open turkey eggs don’t look any different from any other egg. They cook up just like chicken eggs, or at least they do when scrambled. As for taste there wasn’t much discernible difference. They tasted a bit richer than store bought eggs, very much like eggs from a small scale subsistence operation. I know someone who, years ago, had the opportunity to try wild turkey eggs. He found some in the woods and after ascertaining that they had not been fertilized he took them home and used them as one would use chicken eggs. His recollection was that they had a strong, gamey taste.

A turkey egg (left) is about twice the size of a chicken egg (right).

     If I were to have a steady source of the things, I wouldn’t hesitate to substitute turkey eggs for chicken in any recipe or for any use. As mentioned previously they are significantly larger than a chicken egg so it would be wise to use one turkey egg in place of two chicken eggs. I suppose maybe turkey eggs have a bit more culinary appeal and for that reason they may help dress up a mundane dish. But unless you serve them in something that makes the size discrepancy obvious, like deviled eggs, it’s not too likely anyone would know the difference unless you told them.

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