Gunpowder and Graphite

Monthly Archives: April 2013

     April 20-21, 2013. The water was high in all rivers and creeks in the northeast Adirondacks. Some were flowing quite fast, like the East Branch Ausable. In the town of Jay the normally calm, flat water was high enough and fast enough to make wading very challenging if not overtly dangerous. I did not attempt to fish it partly due to time constraints as well as the difficult conditions.      The… Read More

     For my first experience with turkey eggs I opted to keep it simple and scramble them. Getting the things open was a bit of a challenge. The shell is about the same thickness as a chicken egg and cracks easily. But the membrane underneath is quite a bit tougher. I had to dig my thumbs in and push hard to break it. Once open turkey eggs don’t look any different from… Read More

     Not a lot happens in early spring as far as hunting and fishing are concerned. Weather is too warm to ice fish, most other fishing seasons aren’t open yet and hunting options are pretty much non-existent. Which makes it a great time to burn some powder at the range. When it comes to shooting ability there is no such thing as too much practice.      Beginning in March the weather generally begins… Read More