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Monthly Archives: March 2013

     It’s only a matter of weeks until trout seasons start opening across the northeast. There are essentially two types of early stream fishing to consider: Fishing for lake-dwelling fish that are making their spawning run and fishing for trout that are part of the resident population.      Spawning-run fish are anadromous, meaning they ascend rivers to breed. In the springtime in the Northeast this primarily means rainbow trout and steelhead (I’ll not delve… Read More

     I hunted turkeys for the first time in 1995. Dad and I had no idea what we were doing but he wanted me to try it anyway. I had a call but really didn’t know how to use. I had enough military surplus camo to get by but dad had none; he wore an old pair of brown slacks and a green hooded sweatshirt. We build a crude blind out of sticks… Read More

Domestic turkey eggs. They are about twice the size of chicken eggs and significantly heavier.      It never occurred to me that turkey eggs could be edible. But one of my wife’s coworkers raises turkeys and brought in a bunch of eggs to share. Apparently turkey eggs are very rich and quite a bit more filling than chicken eggs. The Mrs. snagged some for me and I am anxious to try them. I… Read More