Gunpowder and Graphite

Monthly Archives: January 2013

    I always make several pounds of sausage from every deer I shoot. It’s really no different from making pork sausage except that it is a leaner meat to begin with. To compensate for this most folks agree that some  additional fat needs to be added. Beef suet and pork fat are the usual choices with the latter being my preference. Coming up with a sufficient quantity for sausage can be… Read More

     It used to be that every time I hit the stream with my fly rod I had roughly five different patterns. I had a lot of luck on zug bugs early on in my fly fishing career, so that was a staple. Elk hair caddis was used any time my other dry fly, the royal wulff, didn’t work and vice versa. Pheasant tails were a known conjurer of trout which… Read More